Water Valve

The water valve is mainly used for water pipe, including water supply and drainage system, the sewage treatment system, HVAC system, heating system, etc. In the water valve, the middle and low-pressure valves are widely used, especially the low-pressure large diameter valves, and the middle-pressure valves are less. Similar to the resilient gate valve, the rubber lined butterfly valve is the most basic and most widely used valve. As a professional water valve manufacturer in China, ZECO has a wide range of application cases in major water supply companies, heating companies, and business groups worldwide. These cases include solving extreme conditions for users, including being in normal operation for 20 years.

Water Valve Types

Water Valve Material

Water valves are usually made of ductile iron, stainless steel, and copper. ZECO select raw material strictly and believes that we can provide you with the best quality materials, the safest water valves.              

  • Water Valve Material Analysis
    Water Valve Material Analysis
  • Different Appearance of Water Valve Material
    Different Appearance of Water Valve Material

How Water Valves Work

Water valve is a general description for ZECO water valve series products including different kinds of water valves as below:

1. Diaphragm type hydraulic control valve:

ZF100X Remote control float valve - For controlling water level of water tower or pool, applicable for automatic water supply system of various water pools/tanks, water towers ect..

ZF200X Pressure reducing valve - For adjusting and controling the main valve outlet pressure, applicable for drinking water supply, fire-fighting system, industrial water supply and irrigation.

ZF400X Flow control Valve - The valve is applicable for installation on water distribution pipeline where require flow control to maintain a preset flow rate.

ZF500x Pressure reducing/retaining valve - The valve is for pressure reducing/retaining purpose, when pressure in water supply pipeline is over preset value, the valve open to reduce the pressure, when pipeline pressure in below preset value, the valve close to retain the pressure.

2. ZFZ45X Resilient gate valve -The valve is applicable for installation in various kinds of pipeline for open/close fucntion.

3. ZFD71X Centerlined butterfly valve -The valve is applicable for cutoff or flow adjusting purpose.

Water Valve FAQs

  • Q
    What is the difference between gate valve and butterfly valve?

    Gate valve can only be used for open/close purpose but butterfly valve can be used for both open/close and flow adjusting purpose.

  • Q
    How much does it cost to replace a water valve?

    It depends on type, size, pressure, material of water valve.

  • Q
    How long do water valves last?

     It depends on working condition of water valves, usually it can works 2~20 years.

  • Q
    Can a gate valve be repaired?

    The gate valve can be repaired but it's better to replace a new gate valve.

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