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  • Water Control Valve
    Water Control Valve
    ZECO automatic water control valves are used in commercial and industrial applications to control water flow or pressure. Zeco offers automatic water control valves that are used to ensure uninterrupted water service during emergencies, maintain a constant liquid level in tanks, automatically reduce a higher upstream water pressure to a constant downstream pressure, and for other purposes.
  • Balancing Valve
    Balancing Valve
    Zeco balancing valves maintain flow conditions so that control valves function properly in HVAC systems, because unbalanced systems can produce wide temperature variations among rooms and can increase energy needs. Zeco offers a line of balancing valves that help heating and cooling systems perform well and cost-efficiently.
  • Gate Valve
    Gate Valve
    ZECO is an experienced gate valve manufacturer in China, ZECO gate valves are designed with built-in safety reliability in every detail. WRAS approved rubber and epoxy powder make the valve suitable for drinking water.
  • Air Valve
    Air Valve
    ZECO is an experienced air valve manufacturer in China. ZECO air valves for Water Systems, and Combination Air Release and Vacuum Breaker Valves protect your piping system by automatically eliminating air pockets and preventing vacuum formations from building up in the pipeline during filling or draining operations.
  • Butterfly Valve
    Butterfly Valve
    ZECO is an experienced butterfly valve manufacturer in China. ZECO butterfly valves are suitable for use in water, waste-water, drainage, gas pipeline. The combination of the profiled disc edge and the excellent ZECO rubber quality ensures maximum durability of the liner.
Hot Sale Valve Products
Owning a China valve factory, ZECO supplies a variety of high-quality valve products to clients.
  • Pressure Reducing Valve
    Pressure Reducing Valve
    Zeco automatic water control valves are used in commercial and industrial applications to control water flow or pressure.
  • Pressure Relief Valve
    Pressure Relief Valve
    This valve is opened to prevent the pipeline and equipment from being damaged due to overpressure when the pressure in the water supply pipeline exceeds the set pressure of pressure relief. The valve ...
  • Manual Balancing Valve
    Manual Balancing Valve
    This valve can adjust the flow easily and accurately, and effectively solve the problems of uneven heating and cooling and hydraulic imbalance in the pipe network system.
  • Pressure Independent Control Valve
    Pressure Independent Control Valve
    Pressure Independent Control Valve is used for central air-conditioning refrigeration or heating system.
  • Combination Air Valve
    Combination Air Valve
    This valve is used is installed at the outlet of the pump or in the water supply pipeline to eliminate air accumulated in the pipe, so as to improve the service efficiency of the pipe and the pump. Wh...
About ZECO
Professional water valve manufacturer & supplier in China

ZECO Valve Group is established in 1991, as an experienced valve manufacturer in China. We have 5 factories in China, which are located in Shanghai, Yancheng and Wenzhou, which mainly manufacture pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, balancing valve, PICV, air valve and industrial valves. We have certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, WRAS, FM, API 6D, API 607, API 6FA, CE, TS and sanitary certificate for drinking water equipment. ZECO Valve Group is a humble and united team, to be more dilligent and progessive to show the itegrity to our clients.   

ZECO Valve Group's valve products have been applied into different working projects.