A Brief Introduction to Sustaining Valve

Minimum pressure valve, also known as sustaining valve, consists of a valve body, spool, adjusting nut, spring, sealing element, etc.

The role of sustaining valve

The function of sustaining valve is to cushion. When the machine is loaded instantaneously, we assume that it is discharged into the atmosphere. The large pressure difference between before and after separation will be added to the separator, which will cause damage to the separator core.

2. Machine oil lubrication depends on the pressure difference of the machine itself. There is no additional oil pump to assist it. When the machine is in the no-load state, it still needs a certain pressure to maintain the oil circulation, so the intake valve is relatively closed, while sustaining valve prevents pressure leakage, so as to ensure the lubricant circulation.

3. Sustaining valvemainly plays the role of establishing the internal pressure of the unit, promoting the circulation of lubricating oil and meeting the working pressure of the relief valve.

4. In addition, sustaining valve also acts as a one-way valve to prevent the compressed air from flowing back to the air compressor in the storage tank of the unit during the unloading operation.

Disassembly of sustaining valve: The structure of sustaining valve is very simple. Turn the nut of screw air compressor between the valve core and the valve body to take out the internal components. The sustaining valve core of the small unit is embedded in the valve body, and all the internal components can be taken out when the valve body cover is removed.

Cleaning sustaining valve: Soap water, diesel oil, clean gasoline, banana oil, etc. should be selected as a cleaning agent according to the degree of dirt. Soapy water or diesel oil is generally recommended for cleaning. If the contamination of sustaining valve is serious, a new cleaning agent should be replaced when cleaning.

Assembling of sustaining valve: Assemble components according to the disassembly reverse steps. Because the structure of sustaining valve is very simple, the assembling process will not be described one by one, but attention should be paid to the direction of U-ring when there are U-ring inside.

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