Foshan Water Company

Foshan Water Company

Foshan Water Company founded in 1964, is specialized in water supply, sewage treatment, environmental protection and the construction of the municipal engineering as its main business, collection of water quality monitoring, water treatment technology research and development, municipal sludge disposal, the rural sewage treatment, pipe network to detect leak and engineering surveying and mapping, information technology development and other related business for the integration of large state-owned enterprises.

ZECO provides large-caliber flanged double offset butterfly valves and resilient gate valves for undergrounds independently developed by ZECO to reduce cellar hole covers to meet the requirements of Foshan Water Company.

Production Field of Pump Control Valve and Flanged Butterfly Valve

Foshan Water CompanyFoshan Water CompanyFoshan Water CompanyFoshan Water Company

Packing List of ZECO Water Valves

1. Flanged Double Offset Butterfly Valve DN400-1200
2. Resilient Gate Valve DN50-300
3. Resilient Gate Valve for Underground DN50-300

Client Feedback of ZECO Water Valves

The resilient gate valves for underground provided by ZECO effectively help us to reduce the construction amount and remove the cellar hole cover to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

Foshan Water Company
Foshan Water Company
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