Multifunctional Water Pump Control Valve

The multi-function water pump control valve has three kinds of valves: gate valve, check valve and water hammer eliminator. These three kinds of water pump control valves play different roles in the operation of pumps.

The multi-functional water pump control valve consists of a main valve, a regulating valve and a nozzle system. The valve body adopts a direct current valve body, and the main valve control chamber is a diaphragm or piston double control chamber structure. The control room adds one more control function to the main valve, realizes the multi-function control of slow opening, full opening, slow closing and closing of the pump outlet, and realizes the multi-function control of one valve and one-time regulation to the pump outlet. This product is used in high-rise building water supply system and other water supply system pump outlet pipeline, to prevent and reduce the water hammer of the pipeline when the pump is opened and closed, to prevent water backflow to protect the pump, and to maintain the safety of the pipeline. In order to realize the automation of pump operation, simplify management, reduce labor and improve reliability, people have replaced manual valves with power valves and electric valves. Many technical improvements have been made on single valves, such as slow-opening and slow-closing check valves, slow-opening and closing hydraulic valves, automatic slow-closing gate valves and double-speed self-closing valves.

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