A Brief Introduction to Water Pump Control Valve

Water pump control valve is a multi-function valve which uses pilot mode to control flow. It is suitable for pipes with flow and pressure to be controlled in distribution pipes. It keeps the predetermined flow unchanged, limits the excessive flow to a predetermined value, and reduces the upstream high pressure appropriately. Even if the upstream pressure of the main valve changes, it will not affect the downstream flow of the main valve.

1. Change the principle of using orifice plate or pure machinery to reduce the area of the river basin, and use relevant pilot valves to minimize the loss of energy in the throttling process.

2. Control sensitivity is high, safe and reliable, debugging is simple, and the service life is long.

Structural Characteristics of Water Pump Control Valve

1. Reliability of eliminating water hammer is high. Opening and closing of slow-closing devices are interlocking with the main penalty version; automatic fast-closing is realized, which is not affected by the fluctuation of pump actual flow and head, and does not require calculation of fast-closing time; it does not require on-site adjustment by professional and technical personnel; it does not need any electrical appliances and oil pressure components, and has fewer failure points.

2. The effect of eliminating water hammer is good. Integrating the technical principles of fast closing, slow-closing and water hammer absorber to eliminate who blows, the water hammer pressure of pump shutdown can be reduced to the minimum.

3. The valve is easy to operate and maintain. Only need to operate the opening and closing button of the pump motor starter, the valve will automatically open and close according to the operation rules of the pump. The key parts are all made of high-quality materials, which basically need no maintenance.

4. Good energy-saving effect. Streamlined valve body and the latest patented technology design are adopted. Compared with the imported products of the same kind, the resistance loss of this product is reduced by more than 50%.

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