Advantages of the Dynamic Balancing Valve

The dynamic balancing valve can change the spool according to the pressure difference of the water system from time to time, ensuring that the original set water flow rate is not exceeded and the excess pressure difference is absorbed, thereby realizing the automatic balance of the entire water system with the same pressure and flow rate. Thus, the benefits of using it are:

1. For owners and construction units
No need to debug the system: it can save you a lot of time and shorten the completion date;
No need to install the same process management: you can increase the area and space used, save installation and material costs;  Convenient to use: the completion of the engineering installation or the phased use of the equipment will not affect the water system balance;
Easy to change: When the water system in some areas needs to be redesigned, it will not affect the water system design and balance in other areas;
Reduce power consumption: As the entire water system is balanced, the refrigeration unit (boiler, heat exchanger) and water pump are guaranteed to operate in the best working condition, which has obviously energy-saving effect;
Reduce abrasion and reduce waste: Having ensured that the water flow does not exceed the original design and having ensured the durability of all equipment, it avoids copper tube loss caused by excessive flow;
Increased safety: Since the flow balance of the water system is automated, the possibility of artificially destructive regulation is eliminated.

2. For the designer:
Reduced workload: there is no need to carry out cumbersome resistance calculations on the entire pipeline, which speeds up designing;
They can boldly use the different program system: save the pipe, the corresponding materials and installation costs, and hand over the work of the balance hydraulic system to the dynamic flow balance valve;
It can avoid many other troubles caused by imbalance of water system.

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