High Temperature and High Pressure Power Station Valve Features

Power station valve refers to the special power station valve used in hydraulic, thermal and gas-fired power plants. It is mainly used for cutting off or connecting pipeline medium on the pipelines of various power station systems.

Applicable medium: water, steam and other non-corrosive medium.High temperature and high pressure power station valve compared with other valve products is characterized by high temperature and high pressure, unique self-sealing design, the higher the pressure, the more reliable seal.Due to the special performance, technical characteristics and working conditions, the product has formed the characteristics that cannot be replaced by other products.

ZECO Valve has always been first-class research and development and production center, is committed to the high temperature and high pressure power station valve exploration, has been designed and applied ZECO high temperature and high pressure power station valve, with wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, long service life.The two ends of the branch pipe are flanged and welded, and the groove of the welding mechanism can be made according to the standard or user's requirement.Suitable for power plant, petrochemical, metallurgy and other high temperature and high pressure water, steam, oil, superheated steam pipe.

2500LB Gate Valve
10 2500LB聽Gate Valve

16-1500LB Check Valve
16-1500LB Check Valve
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