HVAC Academic Conference

On June 26th, 27th, 2015, ZECO Valve Group held the academic annual meeting of HVAC refrigeration and heating in Linyi, Shandong province, which was attended by Shandong thermal design institute, Shandong HVAC professional committee of civil architecture, Shandong civil engineering association and so on.

At the annual meeting, the marketing manager of ZECO valve group gave a speech, mainly introducing the application of ZECO balancing valves, dirt separators and differential pressure valve in Beijing's thermal system to Beijing heating company's achievements in energy conservation and environmental protection, and also elaborating that green energy saving is our enterprise goal and direction. Experts in various fields in Shandong province are very interested in the products used in the thermal system and say they will be piloted in Shandong next year.

Through this annual meeting, we believe that ZECO's concept of green energy conservation will make us a new generation of pioneers in the field of thermal balance.

HVAC Academic Conference
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