Water Pump Control Valve

Water pump control valve is a multi-function valve which uses pilot mode to control flow. It is suitable for pipes with flow and pressure to be controlled in distribution pipes. It keeps the predetermined flow unchanged, limits the excessive flow to a predetermined value, and reduces the upstream high pressure appropriately. Even if the upstream pressure of the main valve changes, it will not affect the downstream flow of the main valve.

1. Change the conventional water pump control valve principle of using orifice plate or pure machinery to reduce drainage basin area, and use related pilot valves to minimize energy loss in the throttling process.

2. Control sensitivity is high, safe and reliable, debugging is simple, and the service life is long.

Water pump control valve can automatically balance the flow of the system without an external power supply. The flow rate is limited by keeping the pressure difference between the front and back of the orifice plate (fixed orifice diameter), so it can also be called a constant flow valve.

Water pump control valve acts on the flow rate, which can lock the flow of water through the valve, rather than on the balance of resistance. It can solve the dynamic imbalance problem of the system: in order to maintain the efficient operation of single refrigerator, boiler, cooling tower, and heat exchanger, it is necessary to control the flow rate of these devices to be fixed at the rated value; from the end of the system, in order to avoid the interaction of dynamic adjustment, it is also necessary to limit the end device or branch. Flow control.

In design, the drawback of water pump control valve is that the valve has the requirement of minimum working error. The general product requires minimum working pressure difference of 20KPa. If installed in the most disadvantageous circuit, it is necessary to increase the working lift of the circulating pump by 2 meters. Therefore, proximal installation should be adopted and distal installation should be disturbed. Method. When the distance between the user and the heat source is more than 80% of the heating radius, the flow control valve should not be installed.

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