About Water Pump Control Valve

The structure of water pump control valve is composed of the automatic spool, manual spool, and display. The display part is composed of the flow valve core, sensor transmitter, and electronic calculator display.

The work of water pump control valve is very complicated. The measured water flow passes through the valve, impacts the impeller in the flow core, rotates the impeller and senses the transmitter. The sensor sends out a signal proportional to the flow. The flow signal is sent to the electronic calculator through the wire. After calculator calculation and microprocessor treatment, the flow value is displayed.

The water pump control valve spool is used to regulate the flow rate, and the required flow rate is set according to the display value. The automatic spool is used to maintain a constant flow, that is, when the pressure of the pipe network changes, the automatic spool will automatically open a large fire and close a small valve to maintain the set flow value unchanged under the action of pressure.

Before water pump control valve, the filter should be installed, and it should be convenient for sewage discharge.
Water pump control valve is a self-lubricating valve body using water without additional oil lubrication. If parts in the main valve are damaged, please disassemble according to the following instructions. (Note: Diaphragm is the common consumable damage in Inner valve.
However, when hydraulic control valves are used in engineering, there are still some conditions, such as the applicable conditions of valves, the design and selection requirements of valves, installation points, etc.

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