Application of Balancing Valve in Air Conditioning System

Due to the continuous development of social economy, people's requirements for building living environment and indoor air quality are constantly improving, and HVAC systems become more and more complex. From the early completely constant flow system to the current sub-regional variable flow system, the need for flow control is more diversified.

With the increase of application engineering and the accumulation of experience, we realized that due to some technical and man-made reasons, the role of the balancing valve has not been fully realized. Therefore, it is of great significance to clarify some application points of the balancing valve for improving the comfort of the system and achieving the goal of building energy saving and consumption reduction. For a long time, the main problem that has plagued the uneven flow distribution of large HVAC systems is the imbalance of resistance in various areas of the system. How to use a device that can adjust the resistance of different loops has become a driving factor for the emergence of balancing valves.

As the energy supply radius of the HVAC system becomes larger and larger, the piping layout becomes more and more complicated. This method of adjustment based on personnel experience has been unable to accurately allocate the flow rate required by users. In order to accurately reflect the corresponding relationship between valve flow and pressure difference, and to monitor the resistance and flow value passing through the valve at both ends, designers improved the valve body of the globe valve, and gradually formed a common linear characteristic curve that can monitor the valve. The balancing valve for pressure difference and flow at both ends is also a static hydraulic balancing valve. Regardless of whether it is a constant flow or variable flow system, this kind of balancing valve with measurable flow and checkable resistance can accurately allocate the initial flow and become the most widely used balancing product.

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