Classification of Dirt Separator

Pipeline dirt separator is also called pipeline filter, dirt separator. According to the different pipelines, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal dirt separators, Vertical filters can be divided into vertical through filters and vertical angle through filters.

Horizontal dirt separator can be divided into horizontal through dirt separator and horizontal angle through dirt separator.

According to the degree of automation of the dirt separator, it can be divided into manual dirt separator, automatic backwashing dirt separator and automatic dirt separator. Manual dirt separator is manual sewage, which is not very convenient to use, but cheap!
Automatic backwash cleaner is manual sewage, automatic backwash, as long as we open the sewage outlet valve, it can automatically backwash, simple and convenient!

Fully automatic dirt separator uses pressure gauge and electronic control cabinet to control the operation of the dirt separator, controls the electronic control cabinet through the pressure difference between the two ends, and touches the automatic valve to open so as to realize the process of sewage discharge.
According to the material of the filter, it can be divided into carbon steel and stainless steel. The general pressure is 6 kg, 10 kg, 16 kg, 25 kg, 40 kg, and 233 kg. Choose the appropriate model according to the situation.

The existing new type of dirt separator has changed the bulky and big resistance defects of the old type of dirt separator. The large-scale improvement of the old horizontal dirt separator has been made, and the total area of the filter net has doubled, which has fundamentally solved the defect of the large resistance of the original product. After adding bypass, sewage discharge and backwashing filter can also be carried out in operation.

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