Development Trend of China Water Valve Industry

1.Market growth potential is huge in the future. Thanks to the rapid development of industrialization, the scale of China water valve application market is growing.

2. The demand for large-calibre and extra-large-calibre valves is increasing. With the continuous development of the economy and the increasing degree of industrialization, a number of large-scale key hydropower stations and water conservancy projects have been opened. With the increasing trend of pipe network calibre, the demand for large-calibre and extra-large-calibre water supply and drainage valves is very strong.

3. China Water Valve Enterprise System Solution requirements continue to improve. Long-distance water diversion project and municipal water supply project in the two important application fields of water supply and drainage valves have continuously increased the requirements for solution capability of valve enterprises and variety of products.

4. Domestication and export of high-performance valves will continue to improve

5. Mergers and reorganizations of enterprises within the industry, and increasing industry concentration

6. Environmental protection requirements for valves will continue to increase

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