Heating Principle of Thermal Balancing Valve and Its Application in Practice

In recent years, the hydraulic and thermal imbalances in some northern residential areas are very serious. The resistance loss of the proximal users is small, and the water supply is short-circuited from the proximal end to the thermal station, resulting in the room temperature of the proximal users and the low room temperature of the distal users, resulting in a high rate of complaints. Despite the use of pressure balance valve and flow balance valve in the design, the phenomenon of low room temperature in the proximal part and the distal part remains unsolved.

Thermal balancing valves can effectively solve the above problems, and have excellent effect in some residential areas. Its working principle is to automatically open or close the opening of the valve by measuring the hot water temperature flowing through the valve body and utilizing the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of the thermosensitive material, thereby automatically adjusting the water flow. When the water temperature is high, the flow through the valve is small, or even closed. When the water temperature is low, the water flow is large, even the valve is completely opened. This change changes with the change of temperature.

The thermal balancing valve is installed in the backwater pipeline of the heating system, and the water flow is automatically adjusted according to the backwater temperature to avoid the direct short circuit of high temperature water to the backwater pipeline, so as to ensure that the hot water in the water pipeline can reach the far end, make full use of the heat energy and save energy. And the handle on the thermodynamic balance valve can adjust and set the temperature of backwater at any time. The temperature data of backwater can be obtained by measuring the temperature of the outer wall of the backwater pipe with infrared thermometer, which is convenient for adjusting the temperature of backwater.

In the past, single-pipe series design was used in most household pipelines. The application of self-powered thermal balancing valve is limited. It is mostly used to solve the problem of heat balance between buildings. Moreover, due to the lack of extensive understanding of the performance of the thermo-balancing valve, it is often used as a remedy after the problem of unbalanced heating in the heating system has arisen. Therefore, the manufacturer only produces large caliber heat balance valves of more than 40 mm, which are mostly used in thermoelectric, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries.

At present, the heating system in-house pipes are parallel connected by two pipes. In the heating system design, various balancing valves are mostly installed in the water supply pipes. If a thermal balancing valve is installed in the backwater pipeline in the design, the inlet flow can be controlled by controlling the temperature and flow rate of the backwater and replacing the pressure (flow) balance valve, the effect can be multiplied with half the effort.

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