Structural Characteristics Of Swashplate Anti Slam Check Valve

Structural Characteristics Of Swashplate Anti Slam Check Valve

Double eccentric disc, when closed, the valve acne gradually contacts with the sealing surface to achieve impact-free and noise-free work.

2. Micro-elastic metal seat, good sealing performance.

3. Butterfly disc design, switching fast, sensitive, long service life.

4. The swashplate structure makes the fluid passage streamlined, with small flow resistance and energy-saving effect.

5. Check valves are generally suitable for cleaning media, not for media containing solid particles and high viscosity.

Functional Characteristics of Swashplate Anti slam Check Valve:

FunctionSwing Check ValveOblique Disc Type Non-impact Check Valve
closing forcebigsmall (about 1/5/1/8 of the former)
force of percussionBigno
tightnessallow leakage (according to API 598)zero leakage is achievable
flow resistancelarge (coefficient of flow resistance ξ=1.3~2.5).small (ξ = 0.18 ≤ 0.6)
negotiabilitysmall (flow coefficient Cv=76)large (flow coefficient Cv=154~333)
weightbiggersmaller (about 80% of the former)

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