Y-filter's Working Principle and Cleaning Method

Working principle of Y-type filter

Y filter is an indispensable device on the pipeline of conveying medium. It is usually installed at the inlet of pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve or other equipment to eliminate impurities in the medium to protect the valve and equipment for normal use.

When the fluid enters the filter cartridge with a certain filter screen, its impurities are blocked, and the clean filtrate is discharged from the filter outlet. When cleaning, just take out the detachable filter screen and reload it after treatment.

Y-filter's cleaning:

1. Close the chilled water inlet and outlet valves of the fan, open the fan exhaust valve to discharge water from large to small to no water, indicating that the chilled water inlet and outlet valves are intact, and the exhaust valve does not flow out. If it is blocked, you can open the chilled water inlet valve and flush out the dirt; the exhaust valve is constantly flowing out, and the valve may not be closed tightly. When tightening the chilled water inlet and outlet valves. After tightening the chilled water inlet and outlet valves, the water still flows continuously, indicating that the valve is broken.

2. Cut the insulation layer of the Y-filter, open the screw cover of the Y-filter, catch the water in the container, and take out the filter screen. Open the chilled water outlet valve, use the backwater pressure to backwash the radiator coil dirt until clear water comes out, then close the outlet valve, install the cleaned filter, and close the screw cap.

3. First open the chilled water inlet valve to exhaust the exhaust valve until the exhaust valve grows out of water, then tighten the vent screw of the exhaust valve to open the chilled water outlet valve.

4. Check the connection points of each valve for leakage. If there is no leakage, immediately restore the Y-filter insulation; if there is leakage, repair or treat the leakage point, and restore the Y-filter insulation layer.

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