Careful Selection of Fire Protection Non Slam Check Valve

ZECO Valve Group tells you that flue is inseparable from our life and is a necessity of our modern urban life. The flue fire non slam check valve is suitable for installing in the kitchen common flue intake, and our kitchen lampblack machine connection, indoor soot, and other dirty air centralized exhaust roof. Non-slam check valve can prevent smoke backfilling in the flue. And when a fire breaks out in the building and the fire spreads through the common flue, the check valve will automatically close to prevent the fire from spreading to your home in time.

Main points of choosing and purchasing non slam check valve for flue fire prevention:

1. The temperature control of flue fire non-slam check valve should adopt standard melting point fuses, which are sensitive to reaction and more accurate in temperature control.

2. The selected flue fire non slam check valve should be able to clean and reset without changing the installation.

3. Look at the sealing property of the selected products, the fire protection device cannot use spring directly to reach the valve page: first, spring-elastic failure at high temperature, and second, spring has elastic pressure, not dead valve page. Fire protection device should effectively lock the valve page (specifically, push the valve page with reverse finger force to see if it can be opened, that is, fire protection is invalid).

4. Look at the ventilation of the selected products, the best choice of product valve pages is not oblique single-sheet valve page structure, which will cause gas pressure, affecting upward ventilation.

5. The selected products should be equipped with upward diversion device, which can guide the gas upward flow. If the valve sheet is a single-piece oblique structure with upward diversion structure, it will cause the outlet to become smaller, resulting in eddy current and other problems should be avoided.

6. It is better to choose an all-metal structure, stainless steel is better, if there are plastic parts, aluminum, and other low melting point components, it can not meet the fire protection requirements.

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