The Working Principle and Advantages of Solenoid Control Valve

The solenoid control valve is installed in the pipeline. The solenoid control valve uses the remote solenoid valve on the guide pipe to open and close to control the opening and closing of the main valve.

Ⅰ. Working principles of the solenoid control valve

The working principle of the solenoid control valve: When the valve supplies water from the inlet end, the water flows through the needle valve and enters the main valve control room. When the solenoid pilot valve is opened, the water in the control room flows out through the solenoid pilot valve and the ball valve. The opening of the ball valve is greater than the opening of the needle valve, the pressure in the main valve control room is very low, and the main valve is in a fully open state. When the solenoid pilot valve is closed, the water in the control chamber of the main valve cannot flow out, and the pressure in the control chamber increases, pushing the diaphragm to close the main valve.

Ⅱ. Advantages of the solenoid control valve

The solenoid control valve is a hydraulically operated valve with a solenoid valve as a guide valve. It is often used for automatic control in water supply and drainage and industrial systems. The control response is accurate and fast, and the pipeline system is remotely opened and closed according to electrical signals to realize remote operation. Solenoid control valves can replace gate valves and butterfly valves for large electric operating systems. The valve closing speed of the china water control valve is adjustable, and the valve closes smoothly without pressure fluctuation. The valve is small in size, light in weight, simple in maintenance, convenient in use, safe and reliable. The solenoid valve can choose AC 220V, or DC 24V, which can be normally open or normally closed according to various occasions.

Ⅲ. The solenoid control valve of ZhengFeng

The solenoid control valve of ZhengFeng is a kind of water control valve that can be opened or closed by remote control. It has the characteristics of novel structure, reasonable design, good sealing effect, small resistance, large flow, high sensitivity and long service life. A manual control device is installed on the valve, so that the valve can still be opened or closed when power failure or circuit failure occurs.

Through pressure transmission, the main valve is adjusted with the change of the small size pilot valve. There are two types of solenoid control valves: normally closed and normally open. Normally closed type means open when power is on and close when power off. When the power is turned on, the water can be supplied through the main valve. After the power is turned off, the main valve will be closed, and the water in front of the valve will not be able to pass through the main valve. The normally open type is the opposite of the normally closed type, closed when the power is turned on and open when the power is turned off. In practice, the normally closed types are used more.

Solenoid control valves are applied in water drainage, pipelines in the industrial system, various pipelines, water systems, etc.

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